The world you want and the person you are

We all want things in life. That’s no more evident than this time of year when Christmas is soon approaching. Maybe you want a new TV for Christmas or some other gift. Maybe you want your business to grow for the next year or maybe you want peace in the world.  Whatever you want though, you have a fundamental place in the world.  You as a person can positively affect those around you with your life.

We have been through a difficult political season and we have seen a lot of protests in the country about various issues.  People are dissatisfied with the world around them.  However, a great motivational speech I listen to says “you like to complain about your life but you don’t want to do anything about it”.

We have a greater affect on our world than we know.  We can choose this year to sit on the sidelines and complain about the world around us or we can choose to be involved.  Become involved in those around you.  Volunteer for a charity, read your child a book, become a teacher, give of your time or money or both.  You can change the world around you. You just have to start.