About Jonathan Patton

I am an application architect at ScanSource in Greenville, SC. I am the father of three wonderful girls and the husband of Denise Patton.  My oldest daughter, Morgan is a great artist and my middle daughter, Isabel, is a great tennis player and my youngest daughter Olivia would like to be a scientist.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania outside of a small town called DuBois. I had two wonderful parents who loved me and my brother. When my brother and I went to college at Penn State University, my father said to my mother that she was going to go as well. And so in the fall of 1992, we all enrolled in college at the same time. My father had gone to college for several years when he was younger but was unable to finish because his father didn’t want him to go to school.  Years later at the age of 59, my father would return to Penn State and complete his degree at the age of 61 while working a demanding full time job.

My family would not have been considered middle class. I think we were probably poorer than I would even realize now but I did not feel it greatly at the time.  Because of my dad’s income level, my family went to college for free. I have always appreciated that opportunity and feel it is my responsibility to affect the world around me in a positive way.

I have had the opportunity to be involved in Greenville’s growth. Greenville is frequently in many top 10 lists in the country.  With the growth in Greenville, there have been opportunities to invest in its growth. I have done that through several real estate investments. As I have become more involved in the Greenville community, I have seen that many don’t have the same standard of living as others do in our community.  This is for a wide variety of reasons and I know there are political arguments on both sides of the aisle as to what the reasons are and what should be done.  However, arguments aside, the greatest force of change in your community is that person you stare at in the mirror each morning.  There is more good that you can do for your life and your community if you just try.